Largest MK-5 Pour

This is the largest MK-5 poured to date measuring 60' wide x 115' long x 5" slab.  We have a 40' x 200' single pour in St Johns NF.

Site was prepared using A and B gravel, it was flat and compact and excellent to work on.

This particular MK-5 Floating Floor Foundation is for a 60' wide x 24' high steel Quonset building for a farm in Central Ontario.

Wheel load for the combine is 3000 lbs.  The slab is the typical 5" MK-5 using 25 MPA concrete. The form assembly time was 72 man hours ( 3 guys ) in 31C heat plus humidity,  4 short days on site. 

Poured at a meter a minute.  It should be noted that we hired a concrete finisher crew to pour the concrete which was referred to us by the concrete manufacturer, not a forming contractor, you don't need one.